Alcohol causes DNA damage in mice

"Alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to the body’s reserve of stem cells," reports The Guardian.
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Artificial mouse embryos created

"Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab, after scientists successfully created a mammal embryo using only stem cells," reports The Daily Telegraph. This is an extremely premature claim as it is based on a laboratory study using mouse stem cells. Stem cells are cells that have the potential to be transformed into specific and specialised cells, such as bone marrow or fat cells.
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Does coffee make you live longer?

"Drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, suggest studies," reports the Metro.
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TV in bedroom 'risk factor' for child obesity

"Children who have TVs in their bedrooms are more likely to be overweight than those who do not," BBC News reports. A UK study found a link between children having a TV in their room and an increased risk of obesity.
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